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What Exactly is a Sona Homes Timber Hutte & Why Do We Build Them?

Sona Homes was born out of a desire to create unique, Scottish grown and built huttes. Now before you send us an email or pick up the phone, that’s not a spelling mistake. 

What’s a Hutte

Why are we using the Scandinavian spelling for our Scottish ‘huts’? Because that’s where we got the inspiration. We’re admirers of the craftsmanship and creativity from our Scandinavian cousins. From the smallest of traditional Ski huttes to miniature log cabins; the artisan designs and immaculate finishing has always impressed us.

Why We Build Them

We thrive on the challenge of working with wood. We wanted to take the concept and design and build them in Scotland using Scottish raw materials. 

The Master Craftsmen

The three founders all have unique backgrounds, but one thing unites us - a desire to work with natural materials. With expertise in the construction and wood crafting fields, we decided to combine our unique talents and our passion for sustainable building and conservation. 

The Raw Materials 

All Sona Homes raw materials are sourced from sustainable forests in Scotland. Our wood is processed through our sawmill in the small Fife village of Newburgh, before being worked by our carpenters into the finished article.

The Sawmill

Our sawmill is the heart of our operation. Just like the Huttes it helps us create, it’s small but perfectly formed. Renewable energy partly powers it, but our plans, which are moving quickly, will eventually see the entire facility powered by ‘off-grid’ electricity. Each member of the Sona Homes team is a committed environmentalist; it’s something we passionately believe in, and it’s how we choose to live our lives.

Supporting the Local Rural Economy

From preparing the raw materials, constructing the huttes right through to the delivery and on-site installation we try, wherever possible to employ and train local craftsmen and tradesmen. By sourcing sustainable, locally sourced raw materials, we hope that we can play a part in supporting the economic development of our community and the communities we work in.

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