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A unique business proposition for landowners & caravan park owners

We’ve created a genuinely unique business proposition for landowners, developers, caravan park owners and building contractors. Our no up-front fee model is our commitment to a genuine joint-venture partnership.

Why do you need a Hutte?
Our Camping Huttes are perfect for campsite owners looking for a higher yield per pitch. They’re also ideal for farmers or estate owners who are looking to diversify their business interests and maximise the return on the land that they own. 

It Couldn’t Be Easier
We make the entire process as simple as possible for you. If the site you’ve identified is completely new, we will arrange all necessary infrastructure changes. If, on the other hand, your site is established, we’ll deliver within six weeks of you placing an order, and you can start letting that night.

We’ve worked hard to lower the financial barrier to entering into a partnership with Sona Homes. We’ve taken care of the financing for your project.

You have no initial outlay.
You have income from day one.

How Much Could You Make?
lf you let out camping pitches at £20 per night for a good 16 week season, then you would gross £2,240 per year. 

Let us show you how to make that and more for the first two years. After two years, the Hutte is yours, and you can gross in excess of £8,000 per year. Not a bad return, when you consider the annual maintenance cost is approximately £300 per year.

Over a twenty-five year lifespan, the Hutte is worth £185,000 compared with the £56,000 you would get from letting a tent pitch.

It cost you - NOTHING

As our Sona Huttes are created from sustainable timber in an environmentally friendly way, so it will appeal to ‘green’ campers (and Glampers!) who are looking for an up-market camping alternative.

All your guests need to do is arrive with sleeping bags and food, walk in and let the Holiday begin. The sales proposition couldn’t be simpler.

To start the conversation, please get in touch by filling in our enquiry form or calling us on 07985 307491 or 01337 840500.

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