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Constructing a Sustainable Business & Growing the local economy

We created Sona Homes to be as sustainable as the buildings we craft. We’re building a debt-free business that we can grow organically. This isn’t about creating a large-scale construction conglomerate - it’s about nurturing a business that we can pass on to the next generation. 

It’s not about mass-production or squeezing the most profit out of the business. The profits we do make will be reinvested into our manufacturing facility. We’ve done a great job in keeping our carbon footprint low, and we’re living our green philosophy by using renewable energy to partially supply the sawmill. But we’re not done there.

We want to take the entire production facility ‘off-grid’ and in doing so go some way to creating virtually passive homes.

And all the while - we want to do this by supporting our local community. We do this by employing and training local people and where at all possible, working with local partners and complimentary tradesmen.

What We Are

Environmentally Focused
Obsessed with Quality
Master Craftsmen
Community Spirited
Debt Free

What We’re Not

A Building Contractor
A Faceless Corporation
Complicated to deal with

And we’re certainly not in this for the short haul.

Above all, our philosophy is about creating affordable timber buildings and having fun while doing so, because to us at least - Sona Homes, is much more than a business, for us, it’s a way of life.

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