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Time to say Goodbye to Seasonal 'Weather Permitting' Camping

Say Goodbye to Seasonal ‘Weather Permitting’ Camping

We’re proud of the Scandanavian inspired Huttes we’ve designed.  They’re a perfect retreat and ideal home-from-home. Each hutte can comfortably sleep four people, and while we have a standard design, we pride ourselves on the bespoke nature of our business.

It’s your hutte - you should have it your way. Just let us know what you want, and we’ll make it happen. 

What’s Included As Standard? Each of our timber Huttes come complete with

•    A two burner cooker
•    A small washing up sink
•    Dining table
•    Storage
•    Comfortable Cushioned furniture

Escaping the city and reconnecting with nature is one of the major benefits of our Camping Huttes, but we also know that, for some, being without their ‘tech’ would be a step too far. 

Lighting and electricity are powered from a D.C. source maintained by solar power. There is also a charging point for mobile phones, iPads and laptops. There is even the facility to connect a small camping fridge.

Each Hutte is built for comfort, and to withstand the harshest winters and predictably disappointing summers. They are fully double-glazed and insulated, and because they are built from natural timber, they do a wonderful job of retaining heat. 

Designed for comfort, security, convenience and durability, we have also given thought to the fact that owners may want to move the unit from time to time.

With this in mind, all our huttes have a metal sub-frame foundation that is robust and incorporates both winching and slinging points. This means regardless of the location and situation, your hutte can be moved to a new site whenever you require. We’ll take care of this for you.

And we’ll also when required, help add some home comforts by arranging for detachable connections to mains water, electricity and drainage. 
Who knows, after hearing this, you might just convince any camping-phobic friends or family members to give camping a try again.

For a more civilised camping experience - it’s got to be a Sona Hutte.

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