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Completely Bespoke Natural Scottish Timber Homes and Lodges

Although much of our focus has been on our miniature timber constructions, we’re capable of much larger scale projects than our unique Camping Huttes. We follow the same process and rigorous commitment to the quality of the materials we use, the environment and, of course, the final build. We just do it on a much bigger scale.

Standing Out - By Blending In

Our ”Post and Beam Construction” method allows us to be incredibly flexible in terms of the size and shape of timber framed building we can produce. They provide a truly ”four seasons” structure with internal finishes to match exactly your requirements.

And because we only use natural materials, our buildings stand out so much because they blend in so well with their surroundings.

The Craftsmen & Specialists

We employ only professionals every step of the way as we take your project from conception to the final build. We’ll take care of

•    Planning approval (if necessary)
•    Ground Works
•    Service Connections
•    Construction
•    Final finish
•    Landscaping (if required) 

At Sona Homes, we are as Flexible and Adaptable as the buildings we create. You might have other suppliers or specialists in mind, and you might prefer to deal with planning permission personally. Regardless of your preferences for the project, we’ll work with you to create a remarkable home at a remarkable price.

Cost Effective

We’ve worked hard to create an efficient process, and because we own our sawmill and have managed our cost base, we can pass on the significant savings we’ve made to you. We genuinely believe you’ll not find a like-for-like timber building for the same price.

Put that claim to the test by getting in touch and starting the conversation.

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